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Three news reporters on a broken iceberg floating off to sea


12 - 21 October 2023

Comedic physical theatre direct from Edinburgh Festival

Dimanche uses physical theatre to tell a dreamlike story about the uncontrollable forces of nature. Combining puppetry, video and deadpan mime, Dimanche observes the ingenuity of humans as they try to preserve their day-to-day habits despite the chaos of an ecological collapse.

Gorgeous combination of mime, object theatre and video... Dimanche is a dystopian parable about the climate, yet a joy to behold.

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Sometime in the near future...

In a small building in the city centre, a family is about to spend their Sunday together, a family tradition. But the walls are shaking, strong winds and torrential rain rage outside and the storm has only just begun. Amidst this climatic chaos, the protagonists absurdly attempt to maintain a normal family life.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the planet, three travelling wildlife reporters are doing their best to document the apocalypse. They film, with what little equipment they have, Earth's last living species: three wild animals on the brink of extinction.

Collective insanity, blindness to the bleeding obvious, it’s a rich subject for bittersweet clowning. Between dreamlike fiction and factual reality, Dimanche paints a witty and tender portrait of humanity surprised by the uncontrollable forces of nature. Using lo-fi FX, miniature vehicles, puppetry, video, deadpan mime and ingeniously simple physical recreations of film language, Dimanche observes the ingenuity and stubbornness of humans as they try to preserve their day-to-day habits, going to absurd extremes to keep up a sense of normalcy despite the chaos of an ecological collapse.

Sydney Opera House presents a Company Chaliwaté & Focus production in association with Aurora Nova

NSW Government

This program is proudly supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW Blockbusters Funding initiative

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