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A collage of pictures, featuring a man playing violin, one female dancer in green light, one older white man in shaded light looking at his violin, one Asian man holding an acoustic guitar, one image of a brown-toned river system, a purple, blue and yellow flower, and a man in a suit with his hand on his chin.

Australian Chamber Orchestra

An ensemble of passion and virtuosity

The Australian Chamber Orchestra is renowned for inspired programming and unrivalled virtuosity, energy and individuality. Its unique programming spans six centuries, spanning popular masterworks, adventurous cross-artform projects and specially commissioned pieces.

Founded in 1975, the string ensemble comprises leading Australian and international musicians and a growing company of dedicated young players. Outstanding Australian violinist Richard Tognetti has been at the helm since 1989, expanding the Orchestra’s national program, spearheading regular international tours and transforming the ACO into a vibrant ensemble that has become famous around the world.

One of the greatest chamber orchestras in the world.

The Guardian, UK