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Public learning programs

Upcoming classes, performances and workshops

25 Jun - 27 Aug 2023 Experiences

Draw the House

Join like-minded creative souls to explore the Opera House through an artist’s eyes in our free monthly walking and drawing tours.

An old man and a woman dancing together.
16 Jun - 25 Aug 2023 Workshops

Spring for Seniors

Join our monthly Dance Theatre session for the ageless, welcoming Seniors aged 55+ for an inspiring and social creative workshop inspired by the great tradition of Dance Theatre.

17 Jun - 19 Aug 2023 Workshops

Architecture Club

Inspired by the unique design genius of architect Jorn Utzon and the Sydney Opera House, explore through a series of fun and playful design exercises, the genius of the Sydney Opera House building and its architect.

A baby sitting on the floor playing a coloured toy xylophone.
13 Jun - 22 Aug 2023 Workshops

Baby Music Jam

Ages 0 - 2 | Open up a musical world of wonder and fun with our new music and creativity workshop for babies and toddlers.

25 Jun 2023 Workshops

Lyrebird Harps

Ages 7+ | Join us at the Centre for Creativity for an epic art odyssey!

28 Jun 2023 Workshops

SOH BUILD Conversation Series

BUILD is a new Creative Learning program that uses the lens of the Sydney Opera House building, its site and its story to explore STEM and built environment perspectives.

A women smiling infront of a background of flowers
1 Jul 2023 Workshops

Lullaby Love

Ages 0 - 6 months | Come and experience the joy of signing and the magic of music with your little ones.

An animation of a woman meditating.
24 Jun - 29 Jul 2023 Workshops

Meditation and Creativity

Explore a state of creative awareness, the self and reality in this series of meditative, interactive events with Dr Nadine Cameron and musician SnowBorne (David Rosa).

An old man and a woman dancing together.
16 Jun - 21 Jul 2023 Workshops

Spring for Seniors: Digital Dance Theatre Class

Join our online dance theatre session welcoming Seniors aged 55+ for an inspiring and social creative workshop inspired by the great tradition of dance theatre.

3 - 6 Jul 2023 Workshops

Let’s Make a Circus

Ages 9+ | Join Flying Fruit Fly Circus Artistic Director Anni Davey, as she teaches you to juggle, balance and dive your way into making your own circus show!

Two men holding guitars and a woman with them.
13 Jul 2023 Workshops

The Magic Garden

Ages 4+ | Join Ru Barb, Aspara Gus and Sir Paul McCarrotney for a berry wonderful music-making songwriting workshop.

A person weaving a bracelet from coloured jute.
8 Jul 2023 Workshops

Ngumpie Weaving

All Ages | Weave with Ngumpie Weaving artist Tegan Murdock to learn about traditional Aboriginal practices of purposeful and sustainable making.

9 Jul 2023 Workshops

Dreams of Benny

This immersive three-hour workshop created by professional artists with disability takes participants on an imaginative journey - through a series of experiences that explore Benny’s admirable qualities.

Animated alien in green with space objects around him.
11 - 12 Jul 2023 Workshops

Alien Invasion

Ages 5+ | The Sydney Opera House has been visited by aliens! Join us on this interactive theatre play experience to find the left-behind alien.

Cartoon figures wearing firework fascinators
23 Jul 2023 Workshops

Firework Fascinators

Ages 7+ | In this creative workshop, children will create a fun party hat with fantastical fireworks!

20 Aug 2023 Workshops

Sunrises and Sunsets

Ages 7+ | Be inspired by the magnificent sunsets of Sydney Harbour in our free painting play session for all the family!

2 - 3 Sep 2023 Kids & Families

What the Ocean Said

Ages 4+ | Part guided meditation, part magical story, What The Ocean Said is a sensory world of vivid storytelling, dreamy electronic music, animation, and wonder.

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