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Architecture Club with Louise O’Brien

17 August - 16 November 2024

In the Centre for Creativity


Inspired by the unique design genius of architect Jørn Utzon and the Sydney Opera House, get creative through a series of fun and playful design exercises for beginners or design lovers, whilst learning about the architectural history of the Sydney Opera House.

Passionate about buildings and architecture?

Join Architect and Educator Louise O’Brien in these monthly Saturday afternoon workshops for budding designers. 

Saturday 17 August 2024

Utzon in the Forest

This workshop is inspired by Jørn Utzon's love and influence from his local forest in Hellebaek. You will draw inspiration from biophilia design (connecting building occupants more closely to nature), geometry and recent timber and bamboo architecture in Sydney and throughout Asia.

Saturday 21 September 2024

Sails as Sunshades

As Sydney becomes hotter our suburbs will require more shade. In this workshop in groups we will create Urban canopies inspired by Utzons love of sailboats and being out on the water. We will consider ecology, the importance of water and shade infrastructure as we reimagine the future of Sydney. This will be an Innovative Materials challenge

Saturday 5 October 2024

Portfolio Power

Worried about your university admission portfolio application?Join us at the Architecture Club with Louise, a registered architect and educator who has assisted many students successfully in preparing their university application. Suitable for art, architecture, interior architecture students. Students will need to bring their computer and camera. The day will consist of mini workshops to build your portfolio content and workshop time to design and develop, concluding with a short verbal presentation for group feedback. Come prepared to create great content and a smashing submission.

Saturday 16 November 2024

Utzon in Motion

Utzon in Motion is a workshop inspired by the Utzon Room and a seminal photograph of Utzon himself which both embody rhythm and time. We will listen to Bach we will create new sculptural forms using colours used in Utzon's palette. 

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