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A shirtless man swimming underwater in a pool wearing a cloth skirt has his face looking up towards the sky,

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Creating inspiring experiences that change society

Acclaimed around the world for its distinctive theatrical voice, powerful choreography, unique soundscapes and design, Bangarra is Australia's leading First Nations performing arts company. 

Founded in 1989, Bangarra creates powerful works of theatre with dance, music, poetry and design. In 2023, Frances Rings took over as Artistic Director after Stephen Page stepped down after 32 years. The company’s dance technique draws on more than 65,000 years of culture, embodied in contemporary movement. Bangarra’s dancers are professionally trained, dynamic artists with a proud Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background. Together, they represent the pinnacle of Australian talent.

Bangarra Dance Theatre is a modern dance company unlike any other…remarkably imaginative and richly varied.

New York Times

Artistic Director and Co-CEO Frances Rings

Frances Rings is a descendant of the Wirangu and Mirning Tribes from the West Coast of South Australia. Frances was appointed Artistic Director and Co-CEO of Bangarra Dance Theatre in 2023.

Frances made her main stage choreographic debut with Rations (Walkabout, 2022), receiving outstanding critical acclaim. Frances created a further seven works for Bangarra: Bush (2003, co-choreographed with Stephen Page), Unaipon (2004), X300 (2007), Artefact (2010), Terrain (2012), Sheoak (2015) and SandSong (2021, co-choreographed with Stephen Page). In 2023, Frances choreographed Yuldea as her first work as Artistic Director of Bangarra.

Terrain is listed on the NSW Higher School Certificate Dance, as compulsory study for Appreciation (Dance).

Frances has worked as a choreographer and dancer with Australia’s leading dance companies including West Australian Ballet, Tasdance, Meryl Tankard, Leigh Warren, and Legs on the Wall, The Australian Ballet and internationally with companies including KAHA:WI Dance Theatre in Six Nations, Turtle Island (Canada) and Atamira Dance Company (Aotearoa, New Zealand).

Frances was appointed Head of Creative Studies at NAISDA Dance College from 2016-2019 and has directed five NAISDA end-of-year productions.

Frances has received multiple awards for her work including six Helpmann Awards (2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017), a Deadly Award (2003), Australian Dance Award (2004) and a Green Room Award (2011).