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A baby sitting on the floor playing a coloured toy xylophone.

Baby Music Jam with Simona Green

13 June, 18 July, 22 August 2023

In the Centre for Creativity | Workshops

Ages 0 - 2 | Open up a musical world of wonder and fun with our new music and creativity workshop for babies and toddlers.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

Philosopher, Plato

An interactive intro to music for babies

Join musician Simona Green for an intimate musical experience for you and your bub, including singing and playing with instruments. Designed to encourage babies and toddlers to love and engage with music from an early age, this workshop helps babies discover the world of music for themselves, developing both cognitive and emotional skills.

Your baby or toddler must be accompanied by a carer to benefit from the joy of creative music-making and to build skills to continue their creativity at home.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


Meet the artist

Simona Green

Simona brings a fresh approach and understanding of the major music and movement teaching methods of the 20th century, including Kodaly, Orff, Laban, and Dalcroze. Before undertaking solo pre-school classes she worked and trained with Jane Boyd, who founded Bridges to Music after following in the footsteps of the esteemed music educator Dr Doreen Bridges. She grew up in Italy, studying languages, flute and Baroque recorders and has a Bachelor of Music Theory from the Conservatorium Giuseppe Verdi in Turin. In Australia, she has regularly attended Dalcroze Summer Schools and Workshops and believes in the importance of movement as one of the building blocks of early childhood music education.

In her workshops, Simona uses songs, poems, and rhymes for the children to experience pitch, beat, accent, dynamics, and most of all rhythm. Visual, aural, and action games are used in her classes as well as a full range of percussion instruments. Incentives and encouragement for creative thinking are an essential part of this children’s first musical journey. Simona is also a passionate and dedicated musician and for the past 10 years has been studying the piano focusing on classical music and improvisation.

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