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A Forest in the City

16 – 19 July 2024

In the Studio

Kids & Families

Ages 4+ | Create an imaginary city through projections and play! This interactive performance uses full scale colourful projections, digital technology and dance, and comes direct to Sydney Opera House from Italy. Children are invited join two dancers onstage and step inside a magical green city and help to create an exciting new world, where insects appear, the seasons change, and the city gets bigger, busier, and more complex.

Help create a new green city through projection and dance

Explore all the possibilities of a new green city in this immersive and interactive work for young audiences from the team who brought you Saltbush.

Join two dancers onstage to help create a magical green city. The ‘architect’ dancer observes the landscape and draws the city with houses and streets full of light and colour, whilst the second dancer loves the earth, and greens the streets by drawing grass, trees and fabulous nature.

An imaginary city develops and grows by combining the two dancers strengths and characteristics. The newborn city becomes a living environment as children come onstage to populate the city with colour and light. The audience will be part of the city’s growth and learn that urban and green can co-exist in harmony when creativity and imagination come together.

This unmissable Australian premiere flies in from Italy to the Sydney Opera House stage to give your kids the best interactive dance and projection work from across the globe!

Sydney Opera House presents Compagnia TPO production of A FOREST IN THE CITY

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Compagnia TPO Creators of A Forest in the City

Italy’s Compagnia TPO (Teatro di Piazza o d’Occasione) is an internationally renowned,  pioneering, multidisciplinary performance group that melds music, dance, art, sculpture, digital media, lighting and sound into a one-of-kind, interactive experience. Their work has been described as ‘visual, emotional, tactile and immersive’. They specialise in using digital designs to create ‘sensitive environments’ where art and play can be experienced, in dialogue with players in motion, individual dancers or children. Images and sounds interface with moving bodies onstage, transforming live gestures and virtual landscapes into interactive art environments. The TPO Company’s work is directed by a versatile and tight-knit team composed of Davide Venturini, Francesco Gandi, (artistic direction), Elsa Mersi (visual design), Spartaco Cortesi (sound design), Rossano Monti and Martin von Günten (engineering).

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