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The Princess, The Pea (and The Brave Escapee)

27 September - 7 October 2023

ACO at the The Neilson, ACO Pier 2/3

Kids & Families

Ages 3 - 10 and their families | There is the fairytale you know and love… but what isn’t known, what no booked has ever recorded, is why exactly the princess was out in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a night, at the end of an adventure. This story is that story.

Please note this event is not held at Sydney Opera House.

Once upon a time…

Join rebellious Princess Isabella as she embarks on an epic adventure in this enchanting 21st-century reimagining of a much-loved fairytale.

Isabella was born with everything. Daughter of the grandest king, surrounded by the greatest wealth, held in the highest castle. Her life was big, bold and brash, but Isabella notices the small, beautiful things… from the way frogs hold their breath in the pond, to how sand feels between her toes at the beach. Her life is easy, but Isabella is not content, and dreams of escaping palace life.

One day, in the midst of a storm, when everyone is looking elsewhere, she finds her chance. With all the courage she can muster, she sets out to uncover the magic the world holds. Her amazing super senses guide her on a journey filled with daring feats and surprising friendships.

This stunning theatrical production comes alive with classical music performed live by ACO musicians. It’s perfect for audiences of all ages who need a reminder that they can be brave, even if they feel scared of the unknown.

Written by award-winning playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer (Magic Beach, Are We There Yet?), with an original score by Bryony Marks (Barracuda, Summer Heights High), and directed by Tim McGarry (There’s a Sea in My Bedroom, Boy Swallows Universe), The Princess, The Pea (and The Brave Escapee) is an exciting new ACO Families production that will ignite your imagination and heart.

“Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale is famously about a small element having a large impact. And excitingly working on this project feels like an extension of the same idea. Each artist backstage and musician onstage contributing their small individual offering – and the cumulative results being something big enough to make you think, or feel, or laugh or rouse you from a dream or lead you gently into one.” - Finegan Kruckemeyer, Writer

Audiences are invited to stay after the performance for a chance to meet the musicians and learn more about their instruments. Plus, enjoy free creative play activities in the foyer before and after the performance!

Presented by Australian Chamber Orchestra

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