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Podcasts and playlists from the Opera House


Up Next

Join host Courtney Ammenhauser as she chats to a spectacular lineup of artists from a variety of creative disciplines as they make their way to one of the most famous performance venues in the world.

An Asian girl holding a pretend balloon which is glowing.

Arty Farty

Our podcast series Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids has been created especially for Kid Creatives. We’re excited to share special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear here at the House.

House Stories

Uncover fascinating stories of the Opera House’s rich cultural heritage and design legacy in our new podcast series exploring the building as a work of art and the artwork within it.


Music for...

‘Music for...’ is an Opera House Spotify playlist series where we asked visiting guests to curate playlists based on a theme of their choice: music for a particular moment, place or feeling. ​​​​​​

Love List

Love List is our playlist series where we ask friends of the Opera House to curate a playlist dedicated to a subject of their choice.