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Live PerformancesContemporary Music

Stream Contemporary Music

Caroline Polachek – Live at Sydney Opera House

Caroline Polachek, a singularity in the music world and a queen of experimental pop, delivered her first ever Australian performance, captivating the audience at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Stream Contemporary Music

Ella Mai – Live at Sydney Opera House

A fresh young talent with old-school soul, London-born singer-songwriter Ella Mai returned to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall for one night only. The R&B superstar's Vivid LIVE debut was a hot one, and her return promised nothing less. Don’t miss the stage recording of this unforgettable performance.

Stream Contemporary Music

José González - Vivid LIVE (2023)

Returning to Australia for Vivid LIVE last year, master singer-songwriter José González celebrated the 20th anniversary of the album that launched him, 2003’s indie folk classic, Veneer

Live PerformancesOrchestral, Ballet and Opera

Stream Classical Music

Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Simone Young conducts Gurrelieder

Arnold Schoenberg's Gurrelieder was transformed into a musical tapestry of monumental scale, featuring an orchestra of 140 musicians and a chorus of 285.

Simone Young conducts Mahler 2

To celebrate the reopening of the Concert Hall, and a season of new beginnings, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra turn to Mahler’s mighty Second Symphony with new Chief Conductor, Simone Young. 

A man a brown suit holding a violin.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Play with Ray (2023)

Presented by the Sydney Symphony and Ray Chen, Play with Ray will make dreams a reality for three emerging violinists. Together, they’ll perform Bach’s extraordinary and dramatic Concerto for Two Violins, with each violinist featuring in one movement alongside Ray Chen. Bach’s beautiful interweaving melodies and cascading passages will allow each violinist their moment to shine.

Live PerformancesTheatre and Dance

Highlights from Boublil & Schönberg’s Do You Hear The People Sing?

Through decades of collaboration, lyricist Alain Boublil and composer Claude-Michel Schönberg have graced world stages with timeless classics such as Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, La Révolution Française, Martin Guerre and The Pirate Queen.

Steven Oliver - Bigger & Blacker (2021)

Available worldwide from 9 Oct 2023 until 9 Oct 2025
Steven Oliver from ABC’s hit television series 'Black Comedy' is joined on-stage with musician Michael Griffiths for the critically acclaimed comedy cabaret 'Bigger & Blacker', recorded in the Studio in 2021.

A collage of a woman in a white shirt with different face expressions.

This Is Personal

Mary Coustas, the celebrated Australian comedian, actress, writer, and creator of the iconic 90’s character Effie, premieres her most intimate show to date, This Is Personal. 

Performance Films

In Session

‘In Session’ is a series of intimate, long-form music films, staged behind closed doors. In taking a highly stylised filmic approach, ‘In Session’ goes beyond the confines of a traditional performance film, giving audiences an entirely unique and close-up perspective on their favourite artists.

Angela Goh - The Concert (2022)

Available worldwide from 10 Sep until 31 Dec 2023
Reimagining the Concert Hall’s original Acoustic “Doughnuts”, Angela Goh’s film weaves together dance, song, poetry, sound and cinematography, and takes one of the most recognisable buildings on the planet and renders it into otherworldly terrain. (Stream Premiere)

The Mirror: Sweet Sacred Bliss

Circus and cabaret come together in this cinematically ravishing adaptation of The Mirror, a boundary-pushing work from multi-award-winning company Gravity & Other Myths.

Documentaries and Interviews

Young students in a playground with a dinosaur puppet

The Takeover

What happens when you suspend the school timetable for 3 weeks and give students full creative control? Follow the journey of teachers and students of Liverpool Boys High School in Western Sydney, as the traditional school structure is turned on its head and creativity takes the reins.

Megan Cope holding a piece of paper in front of the Opera House.

Whispers: Megan Cope

On Tubowgule, now called Bennelong Point, Quandamooka artist Megan Cope introduces Whispers, a melding of First Nations history and environmental consciousness. In this artwork, commissioned for our 50th anniversary, more than 85,000 oyster shells are positioned across the Sydney Opera House precinct. The artist evokes the ancestral midden sites that were used on this site for Aboriginal celebrations and gatherings for thousands of years.

An old man with grey hairs and beard wearing a black shirt.

On The Level with Brian Cox

Candid, in-depth, and always revealing, On The Level is a monthly interview series that catches up with artists during their visit to the Sydney Opera House, discussing their careers, inspirations, and preparations for their performance.

Kids & Families

Stream Kids & Families

Polar Bear & Penguin

The tale of an unlikely encounter between a Polar Bear and a Penguin. This is the story of polar opposite characters meeting for the first time, getting to know one another and learning how to survive in a world melting beneath their feet...paws...flippers.

Stream Kids & Families

Teeny Tiny Stevies In Big Spaces

Join much-loved children’s band the Teeny Tiny Stevies as they perform I Ate a RainbowBoy or Girl Colour and Boss of My Own Body, plus a selection of favourite songs from their brand new album.

Erth’s Prehistoric World (2022)

Available worldwide from 18 Sep until 16 Apr 2027
Erth's enthralling puppetry-based childrens' show is the perfect combination of theatrical magic and charm, featuring ancient bio-luminescent sea creatures and some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth.

Talks & Ideas

Stream Talks and Ideas

All About Women 2024

Watch a selection of 8 talks from All About Women, the Sydney Opera House’s centrepiece talks festival about gender, justice, and equality, held annually in the week of International Women’s Day.

All About Women 2023 | Bikini Kill, Chloe Hayden, Grace Tame, Flex Mami & more

If you missed it back in March, here’s your chance to experience All About Women, our annual celebration of extraordinary thinkers, writers and artists that poses vital questions about gender equality and justice.

UNSW Sydney UTZON Lecture - Livestream (2023)

Available worldwide from 17 Oct 2023
Join Jan and Lin Utzon in conversation – as we journey through the legacy of their father, Jørn Utzon, the visionary architect of the Sydney Opera House, examining the architectural brilliance of the building that has inspired a nation. 

Digital Originals

Animated angel and devil.

Lu Yang: DOKU, The Binary World Screening + Q&A

An innovative motion-capture performance, created by renowned Shanghai-based artist Lu Yang. Dancers  in Sydney and Hong Kong, meet in the same virtual environment creating a high-energy audiovisual experience that draws on Buddhist philosophy, internet culture, video games and the aesthetics of anime.

Shortwave - New Digital Commissions

Shortwave is a platform for early-career, interdisciplinary Australian artists, commissioned to create new work which explores and extends their digital practice. With Brad DarksonNasim PatelJD ReformaClaudia NicholsonRiana Head-Toussaint and Feras Shaheen.

TRACES: A First Nations voice-to-art experience


TRACES documents the innovative voice-to-art audiovisual experience staged at Sydney Opera House in 2022, by award-winning First Nations artists and writers, Kamsani Bin Salleh & Kirli Saunders, asking us to reflect on our connection to the land that sustains us.

Special Presentations

Lighting of the Sails 2024: Echo by Julia Gutman and Pleasant Company

Through fantastic and impossible imagery, Australian artist and Archibald Prize winner Julia Gutman with animation technologists, Pleasant Company, conjure an epic animated journey of inner and self-discovery. Soundtrack by Angus Mills.

Silhouettes of a person playing a bugle and another playing the digeridoo on the sails of the Opera House.

The Last Post (Winds of Change)

The Last Post (Winds of Change) is a new arrangement of the special ceremonial piece, which holds great significance to everyone who has fought for this country, their families, and for Australian citizens.

Open House Weekend - Livestream (2023)

Available worldwide from 22 Oct 2023
To celebrate our 50th birthday, we’re throwing open our doors for a free event, live-streamed around the world. Join us as we move explore our famous venues and witness the magic that takes place behind the scenes. (Premiere)