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Making a Music Track Term 2 & 4

27 March, 7 May, 8 May, 18 November 2024

Interactive Digital Workshop Stages 2 - 3

Fusing technology & music, students will develop their music-making skills while collaborating with a live artist. In your classroom.


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Fusing technology & music

In this live workshop, students will work with our facilitator live from the Sydney Opera House to explore music skills and techniques to express an idea or story.

Students will develop aural skills by exploring and recognising elements of music such as dynamics and rhythm, will be invited to discuss the purpose and meanings behind music and then, collaborate with our facilitator to create their own compositions. Through recording sounds in their environment, pre-recorded sounds and learning vocal skills, students will create and organise a series of sounds to express their story.

Using a smartphone or other digital device, students will capture their compositions and learn how to use technology to enhance their compositions.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


Teacher’s Resource Pack

Our resources are packed with practical, creative activities that will add to your students’ experience. 

Available from April 2023

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STEM Education, Dance, English, Drama, Photographic and Digital Media, Graphics Technology, Information & Software Technology

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The Opera House’s Teacher Resources provide inspirational activities to watch, listen and read for students in the classroom or learning at home. 

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