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Kids & Families

Upcoming classes, performances and workshops

A baby sitting on the floor playing a coloured toy xylophone.
19 Sep - 31 Oct 2023 Workshops

Baby Music Jam

Ages 0 - 2 | Open up a musical world of wonder and fun with our new music and creativity workshop for babies and toddlers.

A women smiling infront of a background of flowers
9 Sep - 18 Nov 2023 Workshops

Lullaby Love

Ages 0 - 6 months | Come and experience the joy of signing and the magic of music with your little ones.

Animated alien in green with space objects around him.
4 - 5 Oct 2023 Workshops

Alien Invasion

Ages 6+ | The Sydney Opera House has been visited by aliens! Join us on this interactive theatre play experience to find the left-behind alien.

A young white woman with dark brown hair stands in front of a fabric background, where projections of clouds are being cast. An audience of meditation children and adults lie on pillows in front of her.
31 Aug - 3 Sep 2023 Kids & Families

What the Ocean Said

Ages 4+ | Part guided meditation, part magical story, What The Ocean Said is a sensory world of vivid storytelling, dreamy electronic music, animation, and wonder.

An illustration of a Manly ferry and the Sydney Opera House
25 - 26 Sep 2023 Workshops

Opera House Book Making

Ages 7 - 10 | Inspired by the performance of Alphabetical Sydney, learn from illustrator and architect Antonia Pesenti as well as author Hilary Bell to make your own illustrations and zines inspired by the Sydney Opera House and its beautiful harbour setting.

Five white cartoon drawings of children wearing tea cup hats in purple, gold and pink and bow ties. There is bunting above their heads.
29 Oct 2023 Workshops

Opera House 50th Birthday Par-Tea

Ages 7 - 11 | This October, the Sydney Opera House turns 50 years young and you are warmly invited to be a special guest at our Knee-high Tea Party! 

Cartoon of maestro outfit
19 Nov 2023 Workshops

Mini Maestro

Ages 7 - 11 | In this part art-making and part movement workshop, children will create and decorate their own wearable coattails and a baton to imagine what it would be like to conduct the orchestra.

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